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The theory behind caveman diet is to eat like a caveman and shed pounds as well as develop a strong immune system. According to caveman diet writer Dr.Loren Cordain, modern diet which is full of refined foods, sugar as well as trans fats is the source of degenerative diseases such as diabetes, cancer, heart diseases and obesity among others. This diet is basically a high -protein high -fibre eating plan which promises weight loss without cutting calories.

The diet also contains lists of different types of food that one must eat in high amounts, moderate amounts as well as foods to be avoided at all costs. The following is a comprehensive and details of caveman diet food list otherwise known as paleo diet food list.

a) Allowed Foods

1. Paleo Diet Meats

Meat was the foundation of hunters and gatherers diet and it is featured on a wider scale in paleo diet. Any cut of the meat is allowed but leaner cuts are more preferred such as top sirloin and flank steak. However, the most recommended meat is the green-fed beef because it is leaner and more nutritious.

On the contrary, highly processed meat such as hot dogs, cold cuts and sausages must be avoided since they contain a lot of fat. The following is a list of all the allowable meat to be used in paleo diet:

i).Lean Beef (Trimmed Of visible Fat)

This includes:

. Lean veal

. London broil

·Top Sirloin steak

· Flank steak

· Chuck steak

· Extra lean hamburger with less than 7% fat

· Any other cut without fat

ii).Lean Pork (trimmed of visible fat)

This includes:

· Pork chops

· Lean pork

· Pork Tenderloin

· Any other lean cut

iii).Lean poultry (white meat, skin removed)

People are only allowed to take:

· Turkey breast

· Chicken breast

· Game hen breasts

· Chicken wings

· Chicken leg and thigh

iv). Paleo Diet Organ Meats

· Chicken livers, lamb, pork, beef

· Beef, pork and lamb tongues

· Lamb, beef and pork marrow

v).Paleo Diet Game Meat

· Alligator meat

· Kangaroo

· Goose

· Elk

· Ostrich

· Quail

· Wild turkey

· Wild boar

· Turtle

· Bear

· New Zealand Cervena deer.

2. Caveman Diet Fish

Fish is a must eat food while on paleo diet since they contain a lot of omega 3s and proteins. They include

· Tuna

· Trout

· Herring

· Mackerel

· Rock fish

· Sardines

· Haddock

· Perch

· Flatfish

· Bass

· Tilapia

· Any other commercially available fish

3. Paleo Diet Seafood

There is a wide variety of seafood you can eat on the caveman diet:

· Oysters

· Shrimps

· Craw fish

· Crayfish

· Lobsters

· Crab

· Scallops

· Abalone and clams

4. Paleo Diet Vegetables

Almost all vegetables are available on the paleo diet. However, vegetables like potatoes and squashes tend to have high starch content and low nutritional value in comparison to the amount of sugars/ carbs/ starches they contain. Thus, they should be taken in moderate amounts.

. Spinach

· Broccoli

· Zucchini

· Cabbage

· Avocado

· Green onions

· Egg plant

· Carrots

· Cucumber

· Tomato collards

· Lettuce

· Celery

· Pumpkin

· Beets

· Mushrooms

· Seaweed

· Tomato

5. Paleo Diet Nuts and Seeds

If you are on a weight loss program, you should not eat more than 4 ounces of nuts and seeds a day. This is because they contain high levels of protein and unsaturated fats and fibre. The paleo diet nut list include:

· Walnuts

· Peanuts

· Almonds

· Macadamia nuts

· Pumpkin seeds

· Cashews

· Hazel nuts

· Sunflower seeds

6. Paleo Diet Fruits

Fruits are allowed on the paleo diet except the dried fruits which should be eaten in small amounts because they contain high glycemic load which causes a rapid increases in blood sugar levels.

· Avocado

· Apple

· Papaya

· Peaches

· Grapes

· Mangoes

· Pineapple

· Watermelon

· Oranges

· Lime

· Raspberries

· Lychee

· Oranges

· Figs

· All other fruits

b) Foods That Must Be Eaten In Moderation

1. Caveman Diet Oils

They include:

· Canola oils

· Avocado oils

· Olive oils

· Flaxseed oils

· Macadamia oils

2. Beverages

· Tea

· Coffee

· Wine (2-4 oz glasses)

· Beer

c) Foods You Should Avoid At All Costs

1. Dairy Foods

All dairy foods such as yoghurt, whole milk, ice cream, butter, cream cheese and any other dairy product is not allowed when observing caveman diet.

2. Legumes

Legumes are not available on the paleo diet. They include all beans, all peas, lentils, tofu, lupins, mesquite, and miso.

3. Fruit Juices

These include all juices available irrespective of the fruit they are made from.

4. Grains.

Anything that contains grains should be avoided at all costs. This includes lasagna, wheat, pancakes, toast, sandwiches, triscuits and many more.

5. Salt Containing Foods

They include processed meats, smoke or dried fish, sausages, pickled foods, cheese, bacon and all canned meats or fish.

6. Starchy Vegetables

These include potatoes, tubers, yams, yucca, cassava roots and all products made from high starchy vegetables.

7. Artificial Sweeteners

All artificial sweeteners should be avoided since they are not paleo. Honey is the only sugar allowed but it must be taken in moderated amounts.

Therefore, the above allowed and disallowed foods make the caveman diet food list complete. For the diet to work for you, only eat the allowed foods and then avoid the disallowed foods.


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