Practical Things to Boost Your Overall Health Immunity and Enhance Fitness

Posted on 7th July 2014 in exercise, plan

Have you heard of the Paleo Diet or also known as the caveman diet? Are you able to grasp its basic and fundamental concepts or you’ve just let yourself be overwhelmed by it and ignored its huge potentials when it comes to keeping you fit and healthy? Well, if your answer yes, that is totally expected since this constitutes an almost turn-around to what you were used to.

   Caveman diet and exercise is one of the dietary plans everybody could resort to if they want to achieve that sexy and gorgeous body they’ve always craved for. On the other hand, in order to fully understand its complexities and basic concepts, one must also understand the tenets and proponents of its idea. 

The Philosophy of this Dietary Plan

   Aside from Caveman, this concept is also known as the stone-age or primal diet because of the included practices in it. Supporters of this plan have claimed that dumped foods from farming can significantly boost health and help in losing weight for practitioners. Moreover, of course, there’s more to this concept to understand than just going over for farming foods. 

   According to people who have incorporated such plan in their lives, Caveman diet is more of a lifestyle than an eating habit, which is typically unconventional when compared to other dietary plans you may have heard of. Its focus is not simply about losing extra flab in your body but most especially, it centers on the overall health of a human being. 

   The idea is based on the philosophy and belief that rampant and common diseases most people are suffering from today such as heart diseases, diabetes, obesity and the like have jump-started when people from the ancient era embraced farming practices such as cultivating food and goods. As far genetics is concerned, this belief claims that the human body is basically built to accommodate food from hunting and gathering as well as fishing opposing the supposed benefits of nutrients from goods cultivated in agricultural farming. 

So, what does Caveman Diet Plan Include?

   From that basic idea, caveman diet and exercise basically translates to consuming paleo-meal plan such as eggs, steaks, fish and meat with salad or soup for breakfast. Lunch and dinner, however, should comprise of roast meat, vegetables, stews, frittatas, omelettes and the like. 

   So, practically speaking, this diet negates the consumption of fatty elements that are often taken from unhealthy and processed foods. To further affirm this, practitioners of dietary plan cite that hunter-gatherer community are very rare to suffer from high-cholesterol-related diseases as they don’t rely on foods that often rich in fatty components.

   For a general list, you may consider eating lean meat, organs such as liver and tongue, eggs, fruits but not all, vegetables but not necessarily potatoes, nuts and seeds, seafood and shellfish and some walnut, canola oil and flaxseed. 

   As for the foods to avoid, you should watch out for ail dairy-based products, cereal grains, legumes including all beans, peanuts and starchy vegetables, fatty cuts or parts of meat, sugar and also fruit juices. 

Exercise Routines

   When talking about exercises for Paleo diet, think of the usual routines the people from the ancient era would do. This includes hiking, sprinting, lifting of heavy objects, prolonged walking, horse-back riding or basically, moving regularly. 

   Just like the old times, whether you’re seeking for food, shelter or what not, you have to do all the work. With this, you may want to refrain from using the assistance of machine. For example, instead of using elevators and escalators, you could consider the stairs to stretch out your bones and muscles. This would also include boosting cardiovascular and respiratory system making your stronger and more flexible. 

   You could also do a regular jogging habit, or simply cleaning the whole house and doing the laundry would also count. You just have to think of tasks that will not include any sort of help from equipments and whatnot in order to accomplish it. 

   Incorporating this in your lifestyle would surely give a huge impact in your overall health condition, most especially if you want to boost your immune system against all sickness. With the premises of caveman diet and exercise, you will be able to build a stronger immune system that would fight against all possible illnesses you might be exposed to.

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