How To Have A Powerful Caveman Diet Meal Plan

Posted on 7th July 2014 in breakfast, plan

The caveman diet has been around for hundreds of years, and it utilizes the power of eating like a caveman. This diet involves making eating more simple, quick, and easier to eat. It does not involve eating processed and horribly “fixed” food that will damage your health and body. This diet, also known as the Paleo diet, is a powerful way to shed weight and also gain lean muscle mass. The main focus of the diet is to eat higher quantities of unprocessed food that isn’t packaged. This diet means eating foods before Walmart made it easy to access food.

   How To Have A Powerful Caveman Diet Meal Plan

   The key to having a good caveman diet is to have a plan of action of food that is going to be super healthy for your body. If you are not going to follow a solid diet plan, you can be missing out on a lot of potential weight being lost. Here is a quick look on what you can eat that would work great for you. You’ll discover different foods to eat for every meal. Follow this basic meal plan as an outline to allow for you to see what to eat during different parts of the day.


   The best thing to eat in the morning is eggs, so eat around 2-4 eggs in the morning. You can eat them as hardboiled eggs or as any other way, but scrambled is a favorite choice of many. Vegetables are perfect to eat, so adding in carrots, spinach, and a bit of parsley can be a great way to round up this breakfast. Throw in a bit of strawberries, and you’ll enjoy the taste of it altogether. It is highly recommended to have a second breakfast as snacks. Lots of fruits can be a great thing to eat in the morning to help get you energized.


   Eating chicken breasts, chicken wings, pork, or ribs for lunch can be perfect for maintaining your health. If you want to eat some seafood for lunch, understand that they are perfect for this diet because it is what the old people used to always eat. It is very easy to catch fish like tilapia and salmon in the past, so they can perfect for you to enjoy eating. Of course, eating some good foods like broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus, cabbage, and zucchini can help you to lose weight and strengthen your body. You definitely want some good meat during lunch to help get you the energy for the rest of the day if you decide to workout in the late afternoon.


   Dinner is a time for you to not eat as much. This is a time many people like to avoid eating too much, so they would eat a bigger lunch as opposed to to a bigger dinner. Going a bit lighter on dinner could be a good idea depending on your body’s needs. Consder eating lamb turkey, crabs, pork, or any seafood. Again seafood is beyond healthy for the body. Fruits for the night can be a great way to satisfy your hunger and allow for you to still get nutrients before heading off to bed.

Always Add Nuts

   During the day, if you want to keep yourself amped up, you could always eat nuts to help you stay sustained throughout the day. Almonds are a great protein filler, and pistachios can help keep you full during the day. Macadamia nuts are not considered good for muscle building, but they help keep you full without making you look full. Eating small snacks throughout the day with fruits and other kinds are great for keeping the body healthy.

   You should really remember that this diet is not 100% a walk in the park to follow. It takes some time to get used to eating only a specific set of foods during certain hours. Use the above outline as a basic system to follow to help you eat healthier and a better manner. The key is to find out what you like that is also considered food cavemen would eat. Your goal should be to stick to a plan, follow it, and continue doing so until you finally see results, and continue following the diet.

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