The Growing Popularity Of The Caveman Diet

Posted on 8th July 2014 in burn fat, diet system, paleo

The caveman diet is growing in popularity due to the success that many people have had following the diet plan. This diet is also known as the Paleo diet. It is a relatively simple diet to follow, although some scientist criticize the diet as being unhealthy. Several news organizations have given the diet high marks.

The controversy stems from the fact that the caveman diet only allows foods that were available to the caveman. No one objects to eliminating processed foods from ones diet. Banning foods like dairy products along with most grains causes many people to believe that the diet is not a healthy way to eat.

Many leading scientists believe that the caveman was not all that healthy, contrary to the claims of the caveman diet. They claim that the caveman was always living on the edge of starvation and that it was only thousands of years later with the adoption of farming that people began to live healthier lives. The diet is also criticized because it does restrict carbohydrate intake.

The goal of this diet is to abandon the modern way of eating in favor of eating like a primitive human being. Experts claim that this diet is too restrictive to be considered a healthy diet. While many experts agree that the way many modern people eat is unhealthy, they also say that it is unrealistic to eat the way our ancestors did many thousands of years ago. Some critics say that it is also too labor intensive.

The caveman diet is based on the very simple idea of eating only what our caveman ancestors could eat. If a caveman was not able to eat a particular food, then it is not allowed on this diet. The caveman was a hunter-gatherer that hunted primarily small game and caught fish. These meats did not contain any artificial hormones or toxins introduced by the modern world. The caveman would gather fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds to eat as well.

All modern foods are banned from the caveman diet. That means saying no to candy, pasta, bread, potato chips, crackers, cereal, and many more foods not listed here. All dairy products are to be eliminated from ones diet as well. This means no milk, ice cream, yogurt, pudding or cheese. All kinds of refined sugars are also not allowed.

There are also many foods that most people consider to be healthy that are not allowed on the caveman diet. All grains, including wheat and barley are banned from the diet. So are legumes like beans and peas. Oils like corn oil and vegetable oil are definitely not allowed either.

There are quite a few foods that are allowed on the caveman diet. All natural meats like grass fed beef are allowed on the diet. Fowl like chicken turkey and duck are also allowed. Wild fish are allowed while farm raised fish are banned from the diet. Eggs are also allowed on this diet.

Fruit is allowed on the caveman diet, but the quantities are limited since they can contain high levels of natural sugar. Most vegetables are allowed as long as they are not deep fried. These include spinach, broccoli, carrots, peppers, cabbage, and asparagus. White potatoes are one of the few vegetables that are not allowed on the diet because of the high starch content. Sweet potatoes are allowed in limited quantities.

Even though there is some controversy surrounding the caveman diet, most people agree that it is a safe and healthy way to eat. Many people have lost weight and kept the weight off. This diet is really more of a lifestyle change than a diet.

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