Eat like a Caveman and Thats Ok,The Paleo Diet.

Posted on 7th July 2014 in paleo, recipes

Have you ever sat with or near someone that ate so fast, and vigorously they looked like a caveman eating? Or how about hearing someone say, “I don’t know how he stay’s so small when he eats like a caveman?” Eating like a caveman can be a healthy lifestyle if you choose the proper caveman foods. 

This diet and lifestyle is called the Paleo diet. Labeling it, “diet” seems inaccurate beings the individual has to make complete lifestyle changes in order for it to remain successful. The Paleo diet/ lifestyle evaluations are excellent among medical professionals for healthy choices in food and nutrition. 

Other names associated with the Paleo diet are “Caveman Diet” and “Stone Age diet.” Eating as your ancestors in prehistoric times did are the claim’s behind the foods allowed on the diet. These foods are lean and high in protein and fiber. Consuming these food types help keep health problems at bay. 

What to eat on the Paleo Diet

Weight loss is common with the diet even though counting calories is not necessary. Fish, lean meats, vegetables and healthy fruits are the core of the diet. Other foods allowed on the diet are
Healthy seeds and nuts (Healthy fats)
Eggs (Excellent source of protein)
Olive and Coconut Oils (Healthy oils to cook with)

As with any diet or if you want to eat healthier, removing processed foods from your diet is a must. Let’s admit it, processed foods are incredibly unhealthy, and this is just a good reason to remove them altogether. Removing wheat and dairy from your diet is also a must. If you listen to or read the news then you have more than likely have heard the health issues associated with gluten. Gluten is a protein found in wheat. 

Drastic improvements are seen in overall health in individuals that have removed gluten from their daily lives. Bloating and intestinal problems clear up immediately once gluten has cleared the system. Other products that will need to be removed from your daily nutritional intake are

Potatoes (Starch)
Refined Sugar
Vegetable oil
Canola Oil
Refined Oils

How to get started

In the beginning, cheating is allowed in moderation. Common sense plays an enormous role with the Paleo diet. Filling up on fruits and veggies that are high in fiber along with lean meats will keep you full longer fighting off the temptation to snack. Starting out you are allowed three meals per week that you get to eat whatever foods you want. You aren’t required to have these meals, but if you feel you need it to remain on track, take advantage of the “cheat days.”

No processed foods mean longer prep time and cooking in the kitchen. What you are doing is cooking like your grandmother or great mother once did when everything cooked was from scratch. Allow yourself the time you will need without feeling stressed or under pressure. 

Why does the Paleo Diet work?

The combination of what you are putting into your body is what makes the caveman diet so successful. Take away one important category and the success rate would fall dramatically.

Lean Protein
The body needs protein to support the bones, muscles and regulation of the immune system. Without sufficient amounts of solid protein, your immune system would grow weak, and your bones and muscles would deteriorate. 

Vegetables and Fruits
Both are very high in vitamins, antioxidants, nutrition and minerals. These fights off diseases that destroy the body, including diabetes, cancer and other ailments. 

Healthy fats 
Fats are often given a bad rap when in reality they are healthy and give the body many things it needs to stay healthy. Healthy fats reduce the threats of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and obesity. When comparing the type and amount of fats found in animals that are grain-fed versus wild meat, the numbers are astounding. Wild meat, including birds and fish are remarkably lean with lower amounts of saturated fats. 

Amounts of essential Omega3 fats such as DHA and EPA were found to be significantly higher in wild meat than in grain fed. Proving that wild game is a healthier choice for meat than what is available in stores. 

For those that have seen proof that the Paleo diet works, this is all the evidence needed to keep them on track. Improvements with weight loss, blood sugar, aches and pains prove the cavemen knew what it has taken thousands of years for modern man to discover.

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