Caveman Diet – A Meat Feast

Posted on 7th July 2014 in food, recipes
Caveman Diet – A Meat Feast
caveman diet

caveman diet

Commonly known as the warrior diet and also referred to as the caveman diet, this is a lifestyle that has been around from the Stone Age. According to some experts the human body is programmed to eat like our ancestors did over ten thousand years ago. Proponents have reported that it is the best diet to follow for any human according to our lifestyles. Paleolithic, another way to say caveman diet, is biologically the best suited diet which will provide the necessary balance of nutrition and reduce the signs of chronic diseases from surfacing. This diet is mainly based on eating plants and wild animals much like the caveman did years ago.

The food types found in this diet:

   The well-known Paleo diet is mainly outlined around meat and vegetables that can be caught or gathered, similar to hunting in more primitive times. These include, 

– Meat

– Fish

– Shellfish

– Eggs

– Roots

– Fruits

– Tree Nuts

– Vegetables

– Berries

   A complete mimic of this specific diet will never be possible, because meat is being domesticated and plants are typically treated with numerous amounts of pesticide. 

The foods not allowed:

   You are not allowed to eat some of the foods that have been produced since agriculture came into play, such as any form of dairy, grains, legumes, sugar, potatoes or any processed oils or foods.

   Whenever you hear the word dairy or grain it sounds healthy, but according to some professors our genome really hasn’t adapt to these food types which may result in triggering inflammation on some level or cause diseases.

   At best this diet can be modified in order to follow the original diet which is gluten free. A caveman diet cuts out all salt and drinks which aren’t water or coconut water, except for organic green tea. Some parts of the mentioned dietary plan include fasting and eliminating tomatoes and aubergine, known to be a nightshade vegetable.

   When a sugar craving surfaces there are two options. The first option is honey and the second option is coconut palm sugar, which is ideal, but only in small quantities. Some of the Stone Age lifestyle diet plans are a little more giving and will allow you to use olive oil or flax-seed oil, processed oil from nuts and fruits.

The benefits of following this diet:

   A Paleo diet is definitely the best diet until now which will lower the risk of blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, inflammation and weight loss. Cavemen were able to use their stored body fat for energy, thus by following this diet the human body will learn how to burn fat once again. Soluble and insoluble fiber both play a big role in our digestive system, which pin points on the fact that cavemen ate a lot more fiber than we do currently. Therefore, they were healthier and their resistance against illnesses was better. 

   Considering that cavemen had to perform at a high level in order to survive back then, their lifestyle enabled them to heal faster and completely. Proven studies have shown that by following the caveman diet along with exercising it will help to reduce the oxidative damage to cell membranes as well as DNA.

   Following a lifestyle as such is a good way of preventing premature aging by curbing any form of eye damage and bone mass destruction. In addition a caveman diet can regulate blood pressure, inflammation and lower cholesterol which typically lead to heart disease.

   This diet is a natural lifestyle choice and the effectiveness doesn’t depend on swallowing any harmful substances or diet pills with numerous side effects. It depends on what you eat. Most diets leave you moody and tired, whereas the caveman diet works quite differently, because it does not cut out certain (healthy) foods, only the unhealthy grown and fed plants along with meat. In other words, this balanced and nutritious diet will keep you sustained for longer and your energy level will definitely increase. 

  Protein helps your body to build muscle as well as repair and build tissue. Protein, which this diet is mainly based on, also awakens the immune system and therefore helps with the digestive system. Whenever protein is consumed it breaks into different amino acids. This allows the body to use what is necessary in the different areas.

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